An Icon of Inspiration – Dinesh Bafna

Dinesh Bafna ‘ a successful entrepreneur, owner of Mont surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc,
He has created his own story by giving inspiration to all the aspiring entrepreneurs. Dinesh Bafna was born on 24tn August 1964 and married to Sangita Bafna having two sons Kunnal Bafna and Kurren bafna. From Bowling Green State University, he completed his graduation in arts. He has also worked with many non-profit organizations and earned great respect for the same.

With his confidence and intelligence, he is able to tackle every situation. He is quite passionate and enjoys his work by building good interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships with others. Dinesh believes in building a value-based business and giving it a new road to success. He is highly skilled and always interested in learning new skills that lead to revenue as well as reinvestment in the right strategies.
He is great at his work and believes that anything is possible if one finds a way to go through the path successful career. He anticipates on-going education that helps him to do the latest innovation in his business and grow it more and more. Dinesh Bafna is a highly enthusiastic and positive person who encourages today’s youth to give their dreams a chance and choose the correct strategy to fulfil it. He is a renowned and creative person with the courage of displaying as a true example for the people. He is quite passionate about what he does and knows how to build long term relationships with the clients.
The strategies used by him are exceptionally good seeing how he expanded his business in 8 divisions throughout Midwest. The reason Cleveland’s Dinesh Bafna is so successful is that he has a strong belief in himself and is motivated, he leads his own path and activates his skills for doing a business. He is a genius and a real inspiration for everyone. Nobody is perfect, who you are and what you become is what matters in the end.
One always has to remember to see the light even in the darkness.


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