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Dinesh Bafna’s Mont Granite Operates in Eight Divisions

All of us want success but only a few are capable of venturing on the road less taken and take risk to stand above the rest. Dinesh Bafna – the founder and president of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. is one such man. Mont Surfaces, a fine surface material supplier, was started by Bafna in a small warehouse in 1989, but has now expanded to eight divisions across the Midwest.

Dinesh Bafna carries almost three decades of experience. He has gained and honed his entrepreneurial skills, but has always followed the path of ethics and morality. Bafna will not indulge in frauds or fraudulent activities to accomplish his projects.

He has proven his talent time and again by fulfilling the deliverables even when the situations are adverse. Bafna’s customers, clients or partners recognize him for his professional traits. He is not afraid to walk the extra mile to meet their needs, even if it requires customizing the products.

To talk about his background, he started his business after graduating from Bowling Green State University, went on to marry Sangita Bafna and has two sons, Kunal and Kurren. He is also associated with various non-profit organizations for the benefit of his community. That is because he believes in paying back to the society that has helped him attain the spot he is at today.

What sets him class apart is his undying thirst to learn and grow. For this, he regularly attends workshops and seminars, where he trains himself on the latest advancement in the field of fine surface materials. Being a great mentor, imparts his knowledge to his team, thereby ensuring their development. This helps him get any task done even under pressing situations.

Moreover, Dinesh holds extensive knowledge of the business world, technology, economics, politics, history and other matters. Bafna also holds the skills to lead strategy, people and change management programs. He effectively uses this knowledge and traits to grow his business.

His communication finesse has helped Dinesh Bafna grow his network of investors and advisors which further help him in business growth and enhanced return on investment.


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