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Dinesh Bafna’s reviews apprise the traits and the skills he hones

Dinesh Bafna’s Mont Surfaces happens to be one of the largest suppliers of fine surface materials in the Midwest. With his efforts and mastering the business skills for over three decades, he has expanded to eight offices across Midwest. Bafna has partnered with Susie Frazier to bring out a new lifestyle methodology which would positively affect individuals because they together have decided to combine Susie’s mindful connection to nature and soulful way of living with Mont’s expertise in trends of fine surface materials. The intent is to educate consumers about the importance of reviving their living spaces.

Cleveland's Dinesh Bafna Pictures

As far as the educational background of Dinesh Bafna is concerned, he completed his qualification by graduating from Bowling Green State University. He went on to open his business in a small warehouse in 1989 and then married Sangita Bafna. He has two sons, named Kunaal and Kurren.

Dinesh Bafna’s reviews praise his skill and talent and how he is professional par excellence. The reviews and profiles of Bafna explicitly mention his excellent communication skills with which he has built beneficial relationships with advisors and investors along with influential people. He aims to keep his clients as his top priority and works to leave them nothing less than satisfied.

Not only he is a fine entrepreneur, but he is also a better mentor for his staff. He treats his team generously and assists them whenever needed. This support is one reason he is famous for getting work done even under difficult circumstances. With his hard work and commitment, Bafna has built a reputation of someone with exceptional organizational skills, effective productivity habits and the ability to take calculated risks. Dinesh is a true motivator as pushing his employees positively has led to the successful completion of his company’s objectives and also helped employees grow professionally. His supervision skills, strategy leading skills, people management, and change management skills are highly appreciated by his peers.

A strong believer of morality and integrity, Dinesh Bafna does not believe in frauds or fraudulent activities. He has taken his business atop on the basis of skills he hones and the traits he holds.


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