dinesh bafna

Dinesh Bafna: Building Better Business Prospects

dinesh bafna

The founder and president of Mont Surfaces, Dinesh Bafna is the wholesale supplier of fine surface materials. Having initiated his business in 1989, he has taken it to great heights by opening nine offices across the Midwest. This commitment of his has made him achieve his current stature and turned him into a successful and recognized entrepreneur.
As far as Dinesh Bafna’s details are concerned, he is married to Sangita Bafna and has fathered two sons, Kunaal and Kurren Bafna. He was born on August 24, 1964, and graduated from Bowling Green State University. This educational background of Dinesh Bafna facilitated him with unmatched skills which led to his extensive contribution to the organization. Additionally, he keeps himself upgraded with the latest technology in the industry. Bafna attends workshops and training to gain skills that have contributed to increased return on investment in his businesses.
Dinesh Bafna is not just an excellent entrepreneur but also a true leader. This implies, he is not only a part of strategy making or forming business approaches, but he is actively involved in leading the workforce as a mentor. Given the fact that Dinesh carries strong supervision skills to lead, he knows how to get the task done even under pressing situations. His problem-solving skills and professional finesse are devoted to keeping customer and client satisfaction atop. To add on, Dinesh has always gone out of his way to customize products to meet the needs of potential customers.
Intending to leave a positive impact on his clients, the happy customer base and stakeholders give positive reviews of Dinesh Bafna. His focus is on relationship-building and being empathetic towards the people has earned him a large network of clients and referrals. There wouldn’t be a mention about Dinesh Bafna being involved in frauds and fraudulent activities since he is known for his ethics and integrity.
Dinesh Bafna has been associated with many non-profit organizations including American Red Cross, North Coast Community Homes, Breakthrough Charter Schools, Youth Opportunities Unlimited and The Playhouse Square Foundation, for he is a firm believer in giving back to the society from which he has earned so much.


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