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Cleveland’s Dinesh Bafna – A Professional Who has made a Mark by Doing Business Ethically

dinesh bafna

The President and owner of Mont Surfaces and several other organizations, Dinesh Bafna started his business in a small warehouse in the year 1989. With his efforts and professionalism, he has now expanded his business to eight divisions across the Midwest, thereby becoming one of the largest wholesale suppliers of fine surface materials in the Midwest.

Dinesh Bafna of Mont Surfaces works towards establishing good business prospects with his excellent communication and relationship building skills. These connections with associates, investors, and advisors have helped him increase business opportunities.

An exceptional trait in Dinesh Bafna’s background is his belief in serving the community. He has been associated with several non-profit organizations including American Red Cross, North Coast Community Homes, Breakthrough Charter Schools, Youth Opportunities Unlimited and The Playhouse Square Foundation.

Dinesh Bafna is married to Sangita Bafna and has two sons, named Kunaal and Kurren. He was born on August 24, 1964, and graduated from Bowling Green State University.

Dinesh Bafna is a true leader who understands his workforce and its challenges. It is a quality that sets him apart. Dinesh Bafna’s reviews are those of a person who motivates his staff and mentors them effectively.

He persistently upgrades his skills by participating in workshops and training on the latest technology.

Dinesh Bafna believes in impacting clients in a positive manner, leaving upon them a lasting impression. For him, his customers and clients are of great importance.

Associating with a professional like him is an opportunity to expand and grow. He is a strong believer in business ethics and follows them.

Source: https://dineshbafnamont.blogspot.com/2018/09/dinesh-bafna-professional-who-has-made.html


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